PERMIDES at Bled eConference 2017

PERMIDES at Bled eConference 2017

Digital Health Forum and Awareness raising

Venue: Hotel Golf, Bled, Slovenia

Organized as Conference Session in the main program of the Bled eConference 2017 (

Session host: CyberForum e.V. (Tamara Högler, Head of Innovations & International Affairs)

Session Chairs:
Tamara Högler, Innovation & International Affairs, CyberForum e.V., Germany; Consortium Lead PERMIDES)
Prof. Dr. Juergen Seitz, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Germany
Dr. Simon Schnaiter, Project Manager, Oncotyrol GmbH, Austria

Moderator: Tamara Högler, CyberForum e.V.

20th June 2017, Bled, Slovenia

3rd Digital Health Forum: PERMIDES Session “Digitalizing Personalized Medicine: novel projects and collaborations“ at Bled eConference 2017, Bled, Slovenia

The Bled eConference, organized by University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, is the oldest, most traditional and well renowned conference in the field of “electronic interactions”. It attracts speakers and delegates from business, government, information technology providers and universities and is the major venue for researchers working in all aspects of “e”. The theme of this year’s conference was dedicated to “Digital Transformation – From Connecting Things to Transforming Our Lives”.

In this year’s conference, various aspects of digital transformation were addressed and directions and guidelines for organizations to overcome challenges on their way of successful digital transformation were provided. As digital transformation was reflected in the organizations’ ability of comprehensive transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and business models in order to take advantage of digital technologies, the Bled eConference was chosen as appropriate opportunity to enable SMEs to present their innovative ideas within the PERMIDES framework and as one of the four eHealth sessions of the conference.

Supported by the organizers of the conference PERMIDES had the chance to organize and design a session as Digital Health Forum. Along the initial session, PERMIDES was actively promoted to visitors by the team present at the meeting. In general, the meeting is more targeted to an academic IT-audience. Nevertheless, this year’s focus on digital transformation including a strong program in eHealth attracted several companies with direct interest in PERMIDES.

Case Details:

Josef Scheiber, CEO of Biovariance, showcased how the Permides Platform supported Biovariance in identifying new collaboration partners for their analysis services oncomplex biological data. Besides this benefit, main advantage of the PERMIDES platform for his company was the easy and lean process for applying.

Jon-Bendik Thue, CEO of MyHere, gave us an insight on how to “Unlock Health Data from current Personalised Medicine Services”. MyHere approaches the challenge by engaging patients for clinical data collection to gather insights and track the personalized development of biomarkers independently from different, often incompatible datasources. In the PERMIDES project it will be the goal to optimize the underlying computer system, espcecially the end-user interface.

Harald Schnidar, CEO of Scarletred, presented how to enable standardized TeleDermatology and objective Drug R&D by applying Scarletred Vision. Scarletred Vision is the first globally scalable medical device platform that enables easy standardized remote skin tracking, objective digital skin analysis and Big Data analytics from medical to industrial usage. Supported by PERMIDES Scarletred will be able to extend its use case experience in new medical indications.

Program and details

Session Title:

Digitalizing Personalized Medicine: novel projects and collaborations

Date                      :              June 20th, 2017

Time                     :              11:00 to 12:30 hrs

Location              :              Bled, Slovenia, Hotel Golf – Jupiter I Hall


11:00 – 11:05 Opening & Introduction by Chairs
11:05 – 11:25 PERMIDES EU Project: Creating and funding novel collaborations between biopharma and IT companies:

Background, funding opportunities and upcoming events

Simon Schnaiter – Oncotyrol

11:25 – 11:40 Case 1 – Leveraging the PERMIDES Platform to identify new collaboration


Josef Scheiber, CEO Biovariance

11:40 – 11:55 Case 2 – Unlocking Health Data from current Personalised Medicine


Jon-Bendik Thue, CEO, MyHere

11:55 – 12:10 Case 3 –Enabling standardized TeleDermatology and objective Drug R&D
Harald Schnidar – CEO, Scarletred
12:10 – 12:30 Panel discussion including audience, presenters and PERMIDES Consortium

Moderation Tamara Hoegler

Results and Conclusions

During the meeting the agenda was slightly altered. One company representative presenting its case got ill and could not got to Bled. However, it was possible to arrange a Skype-presentation so that the presentation could be held in perfect quality. Intensive discussion directly related to the individual presentations led to a delay in the program. In consequence the panel discussion was shortened and held in an informal way.

Attendance to the meeting was low but still satisfying. Nevertheless, a sufficient amount of visitors combined with the intense interest allow to claim the Digital Health Forum a success. Particularly for Scarletred several opportunities for pilot projects, mainly in Australia and Asia. The joint chairing of the PERMIDES session enabled a joint event of Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University and the PERMIDES consortium with focus on awareness rising and dissemination of PERMIDES SME projects.

Complementary Initiatives:

The PERMIDES Flyer was distributed during the entire conference using the dissemination tables provided by the conference organiser. Furthermore, the project was introduced in partnering meetings and in informal interactions during the various networking parts. During and after the session tweets with #PERMIDES were sent and shared (see below).

Background: PERMIDES Digital Health Fora: intention and goals

Digital Health Fora represent open, cross-sectoral meeting places where the latest trends in the IT and biopharma sectors are presented and discussed. The aim is to increase the awareness about emerging technologies and value chains in personalized medicine and digital health, and to support the mobilization of SMEs. Existing national and international meetings organized fully or in part by members of the consortium will be used as platforms for Digital Health Fora, with activities such as keynote presentations, specific digital health sessions and panel discussions involving industry experts and international thought leaders. At the later stages of the project, Digital Health Forum activities may also include presentations of ongoing PERMIDES innovation projects. The Consortium will organize Digital Health Fora at no less than three international meetings targeting a broad, international audience, including European SMEs beyond the participating clusters. The clusters in the consortium will also incorporate Digital Health Forum activities in their respective cluster meetings on at least two occasions each. One important learning from the different European Workshops is that the mobilization of biopharma SMEs for active participation in the PERMIDES project is more challenging than the mobilization of IT SMEs, therefore the Consortium decided in 01/2017 to prioritize international meeting places attracting biopharma SMEs for international Digital Health Fora.


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