Results of PERMIDES in 2017: 50 funded Innovation Projects between Biopharma and IT

The EU funded project PERMIDES (Personalized Enterprise Innovation through Digital Enterprise Solutions) supports trend-setting tandem projects between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the biopharmaceutical industry and IT companies – and can look back on a successful year 2017.

PERMIDES supports biopharmaceutical SMEs seeking forward-looking collaborative projects with IT companies. The goal: to promote IT-based innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry. On 10th October 2017, the second deadline for the submission of grant applications for innovation projects came to an end. And the response after the end of the second cut-off day is consistently positive: 73 applications for innovation projects have been submitted of which 30 receive financial funding, each with up to 60,000 Euros. This corresponds to a total funding volume of around 1.55 million Euros for the second application phase In total, including the first application phase, 118 grant applications have been submitted for innovation projects, of which 50 are funded for a total of 2.65 million Euros.

Furthermore, Biopharma SMEs in need of consultancy services could apply for consultancy vouchers, each amounting to a maximum of 5,000 Euros. On 15th November 2017, the opportunity to submit such applications for consultancy vouchers ended: From a total of 91 applications, 55 are now financially supported by consultancy vouchers with a total funding volume of 261,000 Euros.

In total, PERMIDES supports 88 SMEs of the biopharmaceutical sector from 18 European countries. Germany ranks first (24 SMEs), followed by Norway (13) and Austria (12).

“We are very pleased that PERMIDES is so well accepted by the companies. Biopharmaceutical SMEs that had innovative ideas but were unable to implement them due to a lack of financing were able to benefit from the PERMIDES funding. In particular, the simple application process, the support for partner search, but also the easy reporting for funded projects generated a very large response.” said Dr. Ralf Trunko, Project Manager Innovations and International Affairs at CyberForum, coordinator of PERMIDES. “It was also beneficial that a large part of partner search, application preparation and submission as well as reporting processes were supported by a web-based platform developed within PERMIDES.”

Speed is a key factor of PERMIDES, which funds innovation projects for a maximum of half a year. The success of PERMIDES is further supported by the comparatively short review process of a maximum of three months between application submission and funding commitment.

Follow-up coaching for already funded companies

For funded biopharmaceutical companies, there is still the possibility until mid of 2018 to receive a follow-up coaching by the PERMIDES team. The coaching includes, for example, information about further funding opportunities, support in applying for additional funding or further networking with companies and research institutions from the IT industry.

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